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Monday, September 23, 2013

9.26.13 "Peace in the Park" Concert Series"

9.27.13 The Saloon, Charlotte, NC

Touring Diary......

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Monday, June 17, 2013

Red, White, & Boom

It's that time of year again- time to "Red, White, & BOOM"!!! Join us in Pembroke, NC for our big concert at Mariani's Restaurant on Saturday, July 6th. We've hosted this concert for the past 3 years with attendances between 600 to 800 people!!! We want YOU to be a part of this year's celebration. For folks that are coming out of town, you'll catch the tail end of Lumbee Homecoming- Pembroke has been home to this 2 week-long celebration since the 70's. This will be a perfect opportunity to learn more about our people and the beautiful Lumbee Heritage.

Guests for "Red, White, & Boom" have a chance to catch up with old friends, dance the night away to music provided by DJ Forge, and listen to the sounds of Dark Water Rising!!! We have a special treat this year- Lakota John will set the stage at 9 pm!!! For more on Lakota John, visit lakotajohn.com. Be sure to get there early to hear those bottleneck blues.

Doors will open at 8 pm. Tickets may be purchased ONLINE (ETIX) or at Mariani's Restaurant (26 Commerce Circle Plaza, Pembroke, NC 28372). Advance tickets will be $15 General Admission and $20 for VIP, sold until Saturday, July 29th. Tickets will be available the day of for $20 General Admission and $25 VIP. You also have the option to reserve tables in the upper level balcony which guarantees a seat for your party. Tables are available in increments of 4, 6, 8, and 10 seats. Contact Aaron Locklear at (910) 527-8139 to reserve your table.

We hope to see you there....we're ready to RED, WHITE, & BOOM!!! One more thing- in preparation for the celebration, we want you to learn the lyrics of the theme song for the event! Get your FREE DOWNLOAD of the "Red, White, & Boom" single here: DOWNLOAD.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

May Flowers

To pick up the guitar and play a riff, to ride down 40 East in the DWRV with the sun shining against our skin, or to feel the bass from the house PA trembling underneath our feet- being in Dark Water Rising is truly a labor of love. Sometimes we have shows were there are 75 people, some were there are 4; yes, we admit it, 4 people in the audience a little over a month ago...deep down inside, we know that our journey is not in vain. Like the line in a DWR creation, "I'm not looking for a pot of gold, just happy to see the rainbow...."

Since the release of our newest project, "Grace & Grit: Chapter I" we've been in the pursuit of happiness that lies on many a' stage in our great state of North Carolina. Lucky for us, the shows keep coming, lined up with sights set on Savannah (Solstice Music Festival), Winston-Salem (Ziggy's w/Possum Jenkins), Durham to find our cool ("Find Your Cool" Summer Concert Series) and a good ole' Barn Jam in Awendaw, SC, it remains clear that "Rocky Soul" has a place in music!

When you get a chance, check out our video of "My Fun" and the live, acoustic video of "Hometown Hero" in honor of Ms. Faith Danielle Hedgepeth. We love creating music with a purpose and experiences that turn into good memories- hey, we broke in our newest member, Tony Murnahan, at Shakori Hills right- just so you know! Give us a shout every once in a while- thru the website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram! Wheeew, social media rocks because we get to stay in touch with fine folks like YOU! We want to be friends in real life as well- come on out and catch us LIVE- we're jamming more on stage thanks to Tony's awesome skills on the bass guitar!

My Fun

"Grace & Grit: Chapter I" AVAILABLE ONLINE!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DWR Merch Available ONLINE

We're LIVE baby!!! That's right- "Grace & Grit": Chapter I" is available for your listening enjoyment! You can't have the GRACE without the GRIT.....

Our journey as members of Dark Water Rising has taken us across the great state of NC and past the Mississippi River- to places that we never imagined that we'd be. The people that we've met and experiences that we've encountered along the way have shaped and molded "Grace & Grit: Chapter I" into the piece of work that you hear today. In two simple words we say, "Thank you". Enjoy the songs from this project and allow them to carry you through the Spring and Summer seasons- it won't be long before we release "Grace & Grit: Chapter II"!!!! Enough talk about that though.....

We'd love to hear from you- we're on Facebook, Twitter, and the website everyday, so stop by and share your thoughts and feelings with us. One more thing- MERCH!!! That's right- we finally have DWR merchandise to share with you! We've got Men's & Women's TShirts, along with cool koozies for your favorite beverage! Maybe we'll see some of them along the way during the "Grace & Grit" Tour; that would make our worlds!!!

Okay, have fun with the new duds and we'll catch up with you later!

Grace & Grit: Chapter I

DWR Finale for 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

Final Shows Memo

It's an interesting world that we are living in, moreover, an interesting period of time. There were so many captions that we could use for a header, but we decided to play it safe. We hope that you'll do the same- play it safe that is- by attending one of our shows before the year is over!!!!

View our Schedule: www.darkwaterrising.net/SCHEDULE

We'd love to see you in the audience....we had a strong run of shows for the month of October, making several stops to pay honor and respect to our heritage as American Indians. It's always a pleasure to share traditional songs and dances that have been passed down to us; it's vital to our existence in society.

The upcoming holiday season brings with it chances to perform on new stages and cover new grounds in the DWRV. Join us if you are in the area- or if you're like a few of our fans (Pam McCarthy, Gabriell Vires, Delores Lowry, Tammy Jackson-Locklear, Duane Brayboy-Williams, Mitzi Dawson, & Jill Hunt) you can take a road trip and make a weekend out of it!!! Thanks for your continuous support thus far and if you are reading this blog, we hope that you have a safe and blessed holiday season with your friends and family. Special thanks to the men & women of the Armed Services that sacrifice of themselves for our safety and freedom!

We're taking a short break from live performances, but not from the DWR Locomotion- prepping for the release of our EP in February!!! Please stay tuned for more updates on the progress of "Grace & Grit: Chapter 1"!!!!

BOO!!! "Live and Die"

Monday, October 29, 2012


No need to be scared- we're right here!!! Halloween is only a day and 1/2 away, Hurricane Sandy is making her presence known, and the leaves are beginning to turn!!! And oh yeah- WE MADE OUR FIRST MUSIC VIDEO!!!!

We're excited to share our video with you! The Avett Brothers, one of our favorite bands and good ole' boys from NC, hosted a competition online for folks to cover their song, "Live and Die" from their most recent album, "The Carpenter". There is a lyric in the beginning of the song that says, "fear like a habit, run like a rabbit, out and away....through the screen doors into the unknown." Well, after deciding that we would compete, and practicing the song a few times, Shay thought it would be a cool idea to have a bunny in the video- taking it another step further- A BUNNY COSTUME!!! After thinking this through and trying to make sense of it all, we decided to go with a theme of predator vs. prey, only to have the predator become the prey, but for the better!!! Doesn't make sense? Well, you'll have to check out the video; open your mind to the lyrics of the song:

You and I, we're the same
Live and die, we're the same
Hear my voice, know my name
You and I, we're the same.

The Avett Brothers are two of the best songwriters of our generation. We had so much fun, not only with their lyrics but with the arrangement of the tune as well. A very special thanks to Tony Murnahan and Dustin Lewis for their artistic vision and direction. Feel free to view more of their work on the STWRONGTONE MEDIA WEBSITE. As a collective, we decided to make it our own and couldn't be happier with the finished product. Enjoy, and please comment on YouTube!!! We never know who's watching!

Dark Water Rising "Live and Die" Contest Entry


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