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Dark Water Rising
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"Grace & Grit: Chapter I" AVAILABLE ONLINE!!!!

Dark Water Rising - Grace & Grit: Chapter I

We're LIVE baby!!! That's right- "Grace & Grit": Chapter I" is available for your listening enjoyment! You can't have the GRACE without the GRIT.....

Our journey as members of Dark Water Rising has taken us across the great state of NC and past the Mississippi River- to places that we never imagined that we'd be. The people that we've met and experiences that we've encountered along the way have shaped and molded "Grace & Grit: Chapter I" into the piece of work that you hear today. In two simple words we say, "Thank you". Enjoy the songs from this project and allow them to carry you through the Spring and Summer seasons- it won't be long before we release "Grace & Grit: Chapter II".

Find Grace & Grit: Chapter I at the following locations


Dark Water Rising's self-titled debut album, "Dark Water Rising" is an artistic production that each member of DWR is proud to call our own.

We put our heart and soul into the material. With the exception of "Find Away" and "Brownskin", the songs were created during our first two years as a collective unit. It wouldn't be right if we didn't mention that we had a little help from our musician friends. Dark Water Rising would like to give thanks to Mr. Robbie VanHoy of "The Henry Berry Band" for the exquisite guitar work for "Over My Son" and "What About Us". We were very fortunate to have cello provided by Mr. Andrew Anaganost of the group, "Lost in the Trees", for "Hooked", "Subject to Change", and "Find Away".

The album was produced by Doug Williams of EMRR. We found a good friend in Doug, and a new favorite place to eat authentic Chinese food! Thanks Doug...for your guidance, patience, professionalism, and willingness to share your expertise.

A special thanks is also in store for Mr. Tony Murnahan for the wonderful cover photo and album photo inserts. Ya'll can check Tony out online at www.stwrongtonemedia.com

"Dark Water Rising" is available for digitial download through several online retailers-ITunes, Rhapsody, and DIGSTATION. To have a copy of the album shipped to your address, visit CDBaby.

Alright, no excuses!! We hope that you'll enjoy listening to the album just as much as we enjoyed creating it.