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Monday, August 20, 2012

The world of music has opened up the unexpected on more than one occasion for DWR. Who would've known that each of us would know the meaning of "leidenschaft" before the end of last Thursday night's set at the "World-Famous Milestone Club??? Simple to think about, but enlightening to say the least!!! You should look it up- we'll give you a hint- it's German.

Dark Water Rising has been burning up the road in The Coronado over the past few months, traveling throughout our fine state!!! We've helped to break up a bar fight in Black Mountain, had our share of Indian food, and jammed out with two of our favorite bands- The Heritage and The Family!!!

Special shout-out to the new folks that we've met along the way! Please check out our schedule and make plans to attend another show. We'd love to see you again!!!


DWR Hosts 3rd Annual "RED, WHITE, & BOOM" Concert- Saturday, July 7th @ Locklear's Vineyard & Winery

Monday, June 11, 2012

As many of you know, we are proud members of the Lumbee Tribe of NC. For the past 43 years our people have gathered by the thousands to Pembroke, NC to celebrate "Lumbee Homecoming" during the week of Independance Day. Over the course of two weeks, our people come from all over the nation to visit with relatives, eat grape ice cream under the shade of pecan trees, crown our Lumbee Ambassadors, attend "the parade", watch fireworks, dance at the AISES powwow, and savor in the spirits of our ancestors.

The "Red, White, & Boom" Concert serves as the "Official Afterparty of Lumbee Homecoming, complete with dancing, singing, food, and a lively atmosphere to say farewell until the next year's Homecoming. We are proud to announce that the 3rd Annual "Red, White, & Boom" Concert will be held at Locklear's Vineyard & Winery in Maxton, NC. ALSO, over the course of the evening we will "...celebrate the life and music of influential songwriter, singer, and guitarist Willie French Lowery (1944-2012) with the first-ever reissue of the sole eponymous album by his interracial swamp-psych band Plant and See". Mr. Willie's legacy will live on in the pines and we are thrilled to be a part of the special reissue!!!

Special thanks to the Locklear family for graciously allowing us to make plans and preparations for this year's concert. We anticipate that it will be the best "Red, White, & Boom" yet!!! We'd love for YOU to join us on Saturday, July 7th. Tickets are available online through ETIX. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the event.


DWR welcomes our newest member, Mr. Shay Jones

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Here we are, quickly approaching the fifth month of 2012. If you've attended our live shows recently you've heard brand new material, witnessed Women's Fancy Shawl dancing, and have met DWR's newest member, Mr. Shay Jones!!! 3 of the original members of DWR- Eric, Ciera, & Brittany- have chosen to follow different and very adventurous paths in their lives. We continuously pray for them on their journeys and wish them nothing but the best!!! We've been friends with Shay for several years now, in different capacities, with MUSIC being the glue that kept us together. We couldn't have asked for a better musician to bring the energy, creativity, and right amount of "Sharaziness" that Shay brings!!! Check out the video below- a performance of "Tomorrow Will Come", written by Shay. We ask that YOU, or friends and fans, welcome Shay with open arms because he has truly been an enhancement to our sound and experience.

We're also pleased to announce that we have an extra hand to help with the management of Dark Water Rising!!! There's alot of work that goes on behind the scenes for any band that intends to make a name for themselves in the industry. We've been blessed to receive support from our family and friends- pictures and "shares" on Facebook, videos on YouTube, rides to performances when the RV decided to act up- the list goes on and on!!! Needless to say, welcome the Homegrown Music Network for their knowledge, expertise, & love of original music. The future is looking bright!!!

We hope that you'll take the time to visit our Facebook page and "Like" DWR if you haven't already. Our full schedule is available and updated as we book the shows!!! We'd love to hear from you.

ONE MORE THING- We're going into the studio the first week of May to begin work on our next album. We're making plans to produce an EP with the new material!!!

February 15, 2012

Sunny Skies and Music-filled Nights!!!

Hello Love Birds!!! Friends!!! Family!!! Dark Water Rising is fully embracing the energy of the unknown; who will show up? Where will the next song take us? Will we get a gig in the next city? Our musical journey is filled with lots of unanswered questions, but we keep the faith and burn the candle at both ends to bring you our best. People are digging the new sounds and lyrics, so that's great. We hope to see you in the audience soon!

Check out our schedule for the upcoming season HERE.

January 23, 2012

Ready to ROCK???

Helllo family and friends!!! Even if it's on the soft side- it still rocks!!! Dark Water Rising is pumped and ready to see what the year of 2012 holds for our music! We hope to spend many of our days with YOU!!! The stage is set for the first couple of months of the new year, with our first show less than two weeks away. We hope that you will join us at the Local 506 on Friday, February 3rd as we help to celebrate the release of "Bones for Tinder", an excellent piece of work from "Justin Robinson & the Mary Annettes". We'll be joined by The Tender Fruit, an Americana/Folk/Indie band from Carrboro, NC. Tickets are $8 in Advance and may be purchased HERE through ETix. $10 @ the door. The show begins at 8:30 pm. This will be an interesting night of music!!!

We've been under wraps for about a month and 1/2 now, preparing for our first show and incorporating new songs, instruments, and a rockin' new band mate!!! We hope that you will make plans to attend on Feb. 3rd for the public induction of our newest member to the DWR family!!! It's going to be great.

Novemer 27, 2011

Spread the HOLIDAY Cheer!!!

Hello friends!!! Hello family!!!! How do you plan to spread the holiday cheer this season? Please don't tell us that you intend on being an Ebenezer Scrooge this time around!?! Halloween is over- it's time to spread peace, joy, love & good cheer! Dark Water Rising plans to do just that with a few holiday season shows...be sure to catch one or two of them.

We trust that each of you have been doing well since our last update. We plan to make a few changes within the upcoming months, but we ask for your continued love and support along the way! Let's see...what to tell you...oh! Tennessee is an awesome state- Knoxville rocked! We had the opportunity to visit downtown Knoxville about 2 weekends ago and the people were just awesome. Our first performance of 5 (over the course of a weekend) was for the Blue Plate Special- a live radio show with a live audience to perform in front of; talk about being a ball of nerves!!! We had the opportunity to perform a couple of our tunes (Tried and True, Hometown Hero, & Hooked were in the mix) for the show which airs each day at noon. If you ever have the opportunity to stop in Knoxville, make it a point to sit in for the Blue Plate Special. What an honor it was to play on that stage!

The month of November also brought Dark Water Rising our first "Fan of the Year"!!! Congratulations to Mr. Duane Owen Brayboy-Williams, our first-ever Fan of the Year. Duane beat several other contenders for the title of DWR Fan of the Year by attending numerous shows, capturing awesome band photos, visiting, liking, and commenting on our Facebook page and by being a genuine friend to the members of Dark Water Rising. Duane's name was entered into and pulled from a drawing during a performance at Mighty J's, located in Pembroke, NC. As the DWR Fan of the Year, Duane will receive a prize pack and free DWR concert with all the fixin's!!! Congratulations again Duane!!!

Friends, Duane embodies the kind of persona needed to get DWR to the top! Please keep in touch- your words of encouragement, criticism, and presence in general are what keeps us going. Our greatest hope is that you will be moved by our music in a positive way and in return pass that energy along to someone else. We'll be seeing you soon!!! Remember, let's spread the holiday cheer!!! It's really real.

September 30, 2011

Dark Water Rising featured in The Independent Weekly

Hello friends! We wanted to share an article with you from this week's issue of the Independent Weekly, which circulates throughout the Triangle region of NC. Special thanks to Sylvia Pfeiffenberger for writing such an accurate article and for portraying our culture in such a beautiful light- thank you Sylvia! Special thanks also to everyone that contributed quotes and information for Dark Water Rising. Enjoy!

Don't forget to scoot on over a few pages to join the DWR listserv. Our newsletter in now being circulated!!!


September 19, 2011

BATTLE OF THE BANDS CHAMPION, Pow Wow Kickoff, The Dirtleg Gazette & More!!!

Dark Water Rising has been making some moves in September folks! Who wants to go to the County Fair??? Dark Water Rising participated in the first-ever "Battle of the Bands" Competition at the Lee County Fairgrounds, sponsored by Moore Music of Southern Pines, NC. We won!!! Along with a trophy for first place, DWR received a complete recording package from Eastwood Studios of Southern Pines!!! We're excited about the possibilities of working with these guys! Thanks to the people of Lee County and surrounding areas for supporting Dark Water Rising. You really made us feel at home! Join us at the Cumberland County Fair tomorrow night (9/20) at 7 pm!! We'll give you a taste of our new set.....

DWR has some pretty exciting shows coming up within the next couple of weeks. It would be great to see you in the audience. We understand that some of you are miles away, but rest assured that you are with us in spirit and heart!!! It's pow wow season and we'll join our people on Friday, September 24th for the Metrolina Native American Association Kickoff Concert in Indian Trail, NC!!! We're honored to be chosen as the entertainment for this spectacular event; round dances, good friends, the cool, brisk air!!!! Haa-Chaaa!!!

The following week we'll travel to the Triangle and the Port City of our great state. Thursday, September 29th Dark Water Rising will perform with Delta Rae; we'll be the first to tell you that Delta Rae is our cup of tea! We complement each other well, like collards and cornbread!! Cake and Ice Cream- but not all four mixed together!!! You get the point! Come out for a great show at MotorCo in Durham, NC. To kick off the weekend DWR will perform at The Whiskey in Wilmington, NC on Friday, September 30th. Our last show there proved to be an ultimate success. The people of Wilmington have a strong appreciation for live, original music. We can't wait to get back there to share our new set with YOU!!!!

Until we see each of you in the audience, be blessed. We'll continue to work hard with passion and fervor!!! DWR all the WAY!!!

P.S. Don't forget to sign up for our DWR Email Listserv!!! The first issue of The Dirtleg Gazette is on its way!!! The OFFICIAL journal of Dark Water Rising!!!

DWR & Delta Rae 9/29
Battle of the Bands

September 11, 2011


Dark Water Rising has been blessed with a run of shows, productive practices, and new material within the past couple of weeks. Traveling to Virginia, Georgia, West Virginia, New York, Tennessee, South Carolina.....has done some good for our souls! Meeting friendly people along the way is what you hope for, and we've met our share of friendly and hospitable people along the way. Thank you for being open to the music of Dark Water Rising!

We'd like to take a moment to remember the victims, families and friends that were affected by the tragedies of September 11, 2001

We pray for understanding, compassion, and forgiveness- that the fuel to commit atrocities such as 9/11 evaporates.

August 24, 2011

Dark Water Rising to perform @ The Getdown

Online ticket sales for The Getdown 2011 will end on Thursday, August 25th. If you live in or near Mebane, NC you can catch Dark Water Rising at The Getdown Music Festival & Campout on Friday, September 2nd. Here is the link to purchase tickets: http://www.thegetdown.org/get-tickets. This will be Dark Water Rising's first performance at The Getdown and we'll be honored to take the stage. Come out and celebrate with us!!!

Following the week of The Getdown, we'll travel to West Virginia for Culturefest. We've heard great things about this festival.

Don't forget to check out our schedule page for UPDATED SHOW DATES.

August 8, 2011


DWR Doubleheader 08.18.11

Dark Water Rising has some pretty cool shows coming up this week folks. Thursday evening we'll be in Lumberton, NC for the "Southeastern Waterworks Regional Arts Center Celebration". Join us for a set at 6:30 pm as we celebrate the possibilities and visions for the new Arts Center www.waterworksart.org. Old Water Plant, downtown Lumberton, NC 5-8 pm

Following that performance, DWR will rock it out at Mighty J's in Pembroke, NC for the students of UNC Pembroke. It's back to school time and we want to help you start the school year off right!!!

If you're in Charlotte this weekend, let us know! DWR will be performing at the Evening Muse and we'd love to see you. Drop in, listen to some tunes....we might break out something new...SHOWTIME IS @ 8 PM

Nice of you to stop by our page. We hope to see you sometime soon.


July 26, 2011

VOTE for DWR- Aboriginal Peoples Choice Awards!!!

First round of voting ends on Thurs., Aug. 18th at Midnight.

Dark Water Rising needs your help!!! Online voting!!! DWR has been nominated for the 2011 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Awards to be held on November 4th in Winnepeg!!! Get out your passports!!!!

Dark Water Rising garnered two nominations in the categories of "Single of the Year" for "Hooked" and "Best Folk/Acoustic CD" for "Dark Water Rising. We are more than honored to be among the ranks of many other talented musicians from across the world- with the stage set for Canada!!!

Voting is now open to the public ONLINE.The first round of voting will end on Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 11:59 pm. Make YOUR vote count for Dark Water Rising!!! As always, thanks for your love and support thus far. Most of the voting these days is carried out online, and we appreciate your willingness to have our BACK!!! You ROCK.

Follow the link to cast your votes for Dark Water Rising: APCMA VOTING
Dark Water Rising- Best Folk/Acoustic CD & Single of the Year- VOTE

DWR- Aboriginal Peoples Choice Awards

July 14, 2011

Festivals Anyone???

Dark Water Rising will hit up a few festivals within the upcoming weeks/months, in case you feel like taking a roadtrip with us. Who doesn't love a good funnel cake, beer on the lawn, and a wide mix of live music coupled with funky dance moves??? We do, and we want to partake of the fun with YOU!!!

DWR will head up to Trumansburg, NY for the Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance next week, performing on Thursday, July 21st at 3:45 pm on the Infield Stage. This will be our first appearance at Finger Lakes and we hope to make a lasting impression. Check out their site here:GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance

The journey doesn't end in NY!!! We'll travel down south the following week to Floyd, VA for Floydfest X: The Experience!!! Sounds exciting, doesn't it??? We're honored to be a compete with a host of up and coming artists as part of the "Under the Radar" Series. We'll need your support and will be soliciting your votes to take home the top prize!!! Rally your troops and prepare for battle!!! Rise n' Shine Floydfestians- our first performance is set for Friday, July 29th on the Streamline Stage at 11:30 am, then again on Saturday, July 30th in the Global Village at 11 am!!! View the entire lineup for Floydfest here: Floydfest X: The Experience

You wanna get down??? Thought so. Join us in Mebane, NC on Labor Day weekend for The GETDOWN 2011!!! Nestled between Greensboro and Raleigh, NC, the site for the GETDOWN is picturesque, featuring a natural grassy amphitheatre with sprawling fields and woods- the perfect setting to lay back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of DWR...unless you want to GET DOWN!?! Dark Water Rising will perform on Friday, September 2nd at 1 pm. For more information on the GETDOWN 2011, take a gander at their website (www.thegetdown.org) and invite your friends on Facebook: The GETDOWN 2011 on Facebook.

Take a few vacation days and make sure that we see your face at one of these events!!! Let's continue to make this a summer to remember!!! As always, thanks for your love and support thus far....we wouldn't have a shot at these places if it wasn't for your love and encouragement. Dark Water Rising has the best fans this side of the planet, point blank period.

July 7, 2011


We would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for helping to sponsor our "RED, WHITE, & BOOM Party @ Mariani's on Saturday, July 2nd. The night was filled with magic!!! Thanks to everyone that came out to support Lakota John and Friends, The Henry Berry Band, and Dark Water Rising!!!

Pinecone Patchwork

Tom Keith & AssociatesGreat State Insurance, Lumberton, NC

June 16, 2011

2nd Annual Lumbee Homecoming Show- "RED, WHITE, & BOOM Party @ Mariani's!!!

You read right folks!!! Tickets are on sale for our "Red, White, & BOOM" Party at Mariani's in Pembroke, NC. The stage will be set for SATURDAY, JULY 2ND.

You may purchase your tickets online here: Etix Online. DISCOUNTED TICKET PRICES AVAILABLE NOW!!! The first 50 General Admission tickets are being sold online now for $10. We will have designated areas for VIP and VIP Tables. The first 20 VIP tickets are also available online now for $20.

View the event details for the evening here: Red, White, and BOOM" Party. Feel free to message us for details.

DWR-Red, White, & BOOM Party

May 30, 2011

Dark Water Rising on NPR!!!

The Story with Dick Gordon

We were honored to be interviewed by Dick Gordon of The Story, a program produced by American Public Media and aired across the nation. Feel free to follow the link to listen to the interview!!!

We had a good conversation with Dick Gordon and were welcomed into an environment of professionalism and appreciation for independent music.

A special thanks to Anita Woodley, Dick Gordon, and the rest of the crew at WUNC's studio.

Listen to Dark Water Rising's interview with The Story here: Dark Water Rising on The Story

April 28, 2011

Dark Water Rising to Perform at Floydfest 2011 in "Under the Radar" Series

Alright folks! Dark Water Rising will need your support within the upcoming months as we promote for the "Under the Radar" Series sponsored by Floydfest X- The Experience. Floydfest is a music festival that will be held in Floyd, VA from July 28-31, 2011.

Dark Water Rising has been selected to compete in the "Under the Radar" Series. The winner of the competition will receive a performance slot on the Main Stage at FloydFest 2012 with $1000 in pay!!!! We also have the chance to win 25 hours of recording time with Blackwater Recording in Smith Mountain Lake, VA; a $500 merchandise credit w/ Press-Press Merch AND $3,500 mic package from Peluso Microphone Labs!!! We could definitely use all of the above!!!

Be sure to sign up for the DWR listserv. We'll keep you updated on our efforts to win the "Under the Radar" Series and all things DWR. We've been through alot together, but this is only the beginning!!! Feel free to visit the Floydfest website for more info.

Floydfest 2011: The Experience

April 26, 2011

DWR- Springin' Forward!!!

Hey folks!!! Did you miss us? Ha! Dark Water Rising has been as busy as carpentar bees around a cedar house!!! From the "Road to Roo" competition to Shakori, and upcoming dates...we have to keep you in the loop.

In case you've been wondering, DWR placed 14th in the "Road to Roo" competition!!! Thanks to our dedicated fans, friends, and families, we climbed the ladder of approximately 700 bands to a very impressive resting spot. There's always next year. At the very least, the "Road to Roo" proved to be a great learning experience.

Over the course of the weekend, we visited the Port City of Wilmington, NC to rock out with the "Warriors of the Atlantic", an underground hard-rock band with tons of attitude! The road led us to Silk Hope, NC for the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance for performances on Saturday and Easter Sunday. Aaron Locklear stated it best by saying that it always "feels like home" when we are at Shakori. The landscape, the people, the music....it all just makes you want to stay in one place for a while.

This week, DWR visits the state capitol of Raleigh, NC for a show at Kings on Thursday night. We're part of an awesome lineup of female fronted acts. Check out the Facebook invite for more info: DWR @ KINGS. Saturday night we'll take it down south to Columbia, SC for a show at The House 5 Point (UPDATE).

To top off the week, we'll bring it closer to home as we perform in the Inaugural Rock 103 Homegrown Live Show for the Dogwood Festival in Fayetteville, NC. The festival lasts all weekend, but we'll be performing on Sunday in Festival Park at 5 pm. Come on out and bring the family. We actually have another set earlier that day for the Cape Fear Music Company stage around 1 pm. It's going to be a busy, awesome day for DWR!!!

Will we see you around?

April 6, 2011


Good day folks!!! They tell you not to put all of your eggs into one basket...well, DWR concurs!!! That's why we're entering the 2011 "Road to Roo" contest sponsored by the 2011 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. With your help, Dark Water Rising will have a chance to play at Bonnaroo this summer.

Simply follow THIS LINK to download a FREE track from DWR in the Road to Roo challenge. YOUR DOWNLOAD COUNTS AS A VOTE! The top 8 downloaded artists will move on to be reviewed by Bonnaroo's music supervisors and two will be booked to play Bonnaroo.

The TOP TWO bands will get $1,000 and take the stage at Bonnaroo alongside artists like Eminem, Arcade Fire, My Morning Jacket, Lil Wayne, Robert Plant, Mumford & Sons, Alison Krauss, Gregg Allman, Wiz Khalifa, Mavis Staples, Bruce Hornsby, The Low Anthem, and many more.

The deadline to vote will be next Friday, April 15, 2011. We know that we have some of the most die-hard, dedicated fans in the world...a group of strong people. Let's pull together to make this happen. Dark Water Rising needs the exposure that Bonnaroo has to offer!!! Thanks for all of your support thus far. Join our efforts on Facebook as well!!!

We'll see you soon!!!

DWR 4 Bonnaroo


April 4, 2011

DWR on "Not the News"/Rock Shop Anniversary Bash

Another week in the books for DWR!!! Check out our performance of "Hooked" on Thursday's episode of "Not the News" on WFXB Fox 43. Dark Water Rising went from the tube to the big stage for The Rock Shop Music Hall's one-year Anniverary Bash!!! Congratulations to Shawn Adkins and the Rock Shop Crew for a uber-successful weekend. If you missed our show, then you missed out on the debut of the DWR Blast Cannon!!! Brittany and Ciera broke it out for the crowd and boy, was it in full effect!!! Don't worry, that was only the PROTOTYPE...we've got more throttle where that came from, courtesy of DWR's "in-house engineer"- bass player Eric T. Locklear!!!

DWR finished up the weekend in Greenville, NC at Acasia's Tipsy Teapot with LT and the Seveneves Band. If you've never heard of LT and the Seveneves Band, you're sure to hear from them soon enough. Based out of Lumberton, NC, they are a rocking, experimental three piece with alot of soul and country twang!!! Keep up the good work fellas!

Be sure to check out our schedule. We'd love to see you out this month!!!

P.S. Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance will be here before you know it! Be sure to get your tickets HERE.


March 21, 2011

DWR Weekend Recap...

Big thanks to the cities of Asheville and Greenville, NC!!! We were shown so much love over the weekend by those in attendance for our shows over the weekend. Saturday night we rocked out with the good folks of Asheville, NC at The Root Bar, a cool spot off of Tunnel Road where dogs can be dogs and "Rootball" reigns supreme! Sunday we put the RV in the wind and headed to Greenville, NC for an experience at the LIVE Bar. The energy was great, the sound was good and the people were loving the sounds of DWR.

Did you get a chance to see DWR on "Not the News" last week? Check out the full performance of "Find Away" here. From our understanding, another Dark Water Rising performance will be aired on Thursday, March 31st.....same time (10:35 pm), same channel (WFXB Fox 43).

Again, thank you Asheville and Greenville....we'll be seeing you soon....


March 15, 2011


Catch Dark Water Rising on WFXB Fox 43 "Not the News" tomorrow night (03/16/11) as we perform two songs from our album, "Dark Water Rising". The program will begin promptly at 10:35 pm. For a follow-up performance, tune in to "Not the News" on Thursday, March 31st....same time, same channel.


March 14, 2011

St. Patrick's Day & More...

This week promises to be an exciting one for DWR. We kicked things off right with a performance at the "2011 Taste of Robeson", which was held to raise funds for the Robeson County Church and Community Center in Lumberton, NC. There was plenty of good food for a good cause. Shout-out to the Village Inn for they're awesome ribs!!

We'll head to Myrtle Beach, SC for a taping on the late-night show, "Not the News" on Fox 43. We'll update ya'll around the time that the show will air. Wish us luck!!

In the meantime, you can catch DWR a few times this week, live in concert!! Join us Thursday night at Mariani's Restaurant in Pembroke, NC for a St. Patty's Day Party and Concert! Tickets will be $15...bring your college ID to get in for $10. There will be a DJ and performance by DWR.

Saturday, March 19th, we'll head out to Asheville, NC for a show at The Root Bar and then to Greenville, NC to rock out at the Live Bar.....we hope to make an impact in these two parts of the state!!!


March 6, 2011

Performing at the 36th Annual North Carolina Indian Unity Conference in Raleigh, NC

Dark Water Rising will perform at the NC Indian Unity Conference to be held Friday night at the Hilton North Raleigh. The concert will begin at approx. 9:30 pm. Tickets are $10.


February 15, 2011

DWR in the inaugural issue of Earth + Sky Magazine!!!

Earth + Sky Magazine DWR in Earth + Sky

DWR is honored to be featured in Earth + Sky Magazine, an online publication created by students at UNC-Chapel Hill to celebrate Native American's in today's world. This issue features an article about Dark Water Rising, along with the Twilight sagas Chaske Spencer, and other Native Talent. Please be patient while downloading...it's a celebration!!

We have been informed that Earth + Sky is available ONLINE ONLY....save the trees and enjoy!!!


February 1, 2011

"HOOKED" in February

We want to get you hooked on DWR's love, so we're giving you a FREE DOWNLOAD of our single, "Hooked"!!! Now get out there and love someone.



January 31, 2011

GarDel Release Party/ Interview with Souncheck on 88.9 FM

Orquesta GarDel Ciera and Eric

Dark Water Rising had a great weekend!!! We had the opportunity to open up for North Carolina's own, Orquesta GarDel at their album release party in Durham, NC. MotorCo was the place and it was packed!!

Coupled with the sounds of Dark Water Rising, everyone in attendance heard an interesting mix of music. We saw alot of new faces and tried our hand at Salsa. We've got a ways to go with the moves, but with "Lo Que Tú Querías" on repeat, we will become Salsa aficionado's in no time! ¡Baile!

We also checked in with Sharon Berry-Vivian for Sound Check, an hour long program presented by WSHA 88.9 FM of Shaw University. We covered a wide array of topics- ranging from "Dark Water Rising" and the creative process, to the drive behind DWR!!! Be sure to tune in online Friday, Feb. 18th at 2 pm. Thanks Sharon!

Link for SOUNDCHECK on 88.9 FM.


January 24, 2011

"Hometown Hero" performed by DWR

Written in memory of Ms. Krista Deese and others who have passed on this year. DWR performed this new song at the UNCP River People Music and Culture Festival, Jan. 20th 2011.

View LyricsView


January 21, 2011

DWR Thanks YOU!!!

We'd like to send a huge "thank you" to everyone that came out to the River People Music and Culture Fest. It truly was a historical night.

Let's keep this momentum going all year round!! Please join the DWR listserv. We want to keep you informed.


January 18, 2011

DWR on WBTW News 13

Charly Lowry sits in with News Anchor Nicole Boone of WBTW News 13 and Tasha Oxendine for a feature on "The River People Music and Culture Fest".


January 11, 2011

DWR to perform in Pembroke, NC

Dark Water Rising will perform in Pembroke, NC on January 20, 2011 at UNC Pembroke's Givens Performings Arts Center as part of the River People Music and Culture Fest.

River People Music and Culture Fest

Read more Read More


January 11, 2011


NAMMY LogoWith your support, Dark Water Rising brought home the 2010 Native American Music Award for "Debut Duo or Group of the Year".

Thanks goes to the Lumbee and Coharie tribes of North Carolina.

We'd like to dedicate our awards to the late Mr. Ammie Jacobs and Mr. Ronald Deeringwater. You're legacies will continue to live on through the sounds of Dark Water Rising.